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Have you been thinking about selling your business? 

Do you have questions about how to ensure you maximize the value of your enterprise? 

    Do you need some
guidance on how to proceed without
disrupting day-to-day operations?


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"When it came time to consider the sale of our business, Jain & Jain was instrumental. They pro-actively implemented a tax planning strategy that saved millions" - Client who sold to Berkshire Hathaway

Our team works closely with business owners throughout every stage of the business cycle including the potential sale of all or part of an enterprise. We have over 34 years of experience assisting clients through this process and stand ready to ensure you understand your options every step of the way. We offer a variety of customized services to help clients navigate the process and simplify the complexities of initiating a sale.

For many clients, there has been no moment quite like the present to consider a sale: 

  • Historically high stock market valuations suggest confidence and optimism in the economy 
  • Public companies are looking to M&A to fuel growth and have the balance sheets to support historically high valuations
  • Private equity firms have raised record amounts of capital and are actively looking for businesses and portfolio companies to acquire

 Jain & Jain can help: 

  • Delegate the sales process to us so you can continue focusing on your business
  • Allow us to help you select the right investment bank and legal counsel
  • Leverage our experience tominimize the support needed from your staff
  • Get a leg-up on buyers with a Sell-side Quality of Earnings report
  • Allow us to perform an audit to provide the market with unbiased historical financials and identify opportunities to boost your value
  • Employ us for tax preparation needs prior to a sale - we will review your tax structure and aim to minimize taxes at the Federal and state level

We are here to help you through new ventures, rapid expansions and even through hard times