Our Tax Diagnostic Services have generated thousands of dollars in IRS refunds for more than 80% of new clients. For all new clients, our team conducts a thorough review of the company’s tax returns for the past three years. We meet with the company’s ownership, management, and key stakeholders to better understand the tax and financial objectives as well as the existing accounting and tax policies. Next we will perform certain diagnostics and analyses to identify opportunities for additional tax savings.

tax diagnostics

Within about one week, our team presents new clients with a broad, short and easy to understand report that covers:

  • Federal and state taxes

  • Payroll taxes

  • Gift & estate taxes

  • R&D credits

  • IC-Disc

  • Tax opportunities for the future

  • Any aggressive tax positions taken

  • Non-compliance or misapplication of certain tax laws

And the best part: We don’t charge a fee unless we are able to generate tax savings for your business!

We are here to help you through new ventures, rapid expansions and even through hard times

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